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There are many things to consider about your computer to keep it safe and effective. This is as simple as ABC. You must do the following to accomplish this:

Install and maintain an Anti-virus program – Your computer can be attacked from the internet by viruses, spyware, and, for parents of children, on-line predators. Anti-Virus programs will protect your computer data from these kinds of attacks. Not all AV programs are equal. Depending on how much you wish to spend these programs range from free to $75-100 a year. Generally the free programs handle most viruses and spyware, but are not effective against the newest threats and do not offer utilities to assist the user in providing 24x7 protection of their computer.

Backup your critical data – Anything that your store on your computer is subject to being lost if the computer hard drive fails. It can be an emotional trauma to lose those photographs, songs, important business information, etc. It is for this reason, that your data must be backed up daily. Windows has a tool built into the software that allows you to setup a backup that can be used later, in the event of hard disk failure, to restore your lost data.

Keep your Computer up-to-date – Your computer is always in need of change. The operating system and the programs on it are always being updated. These updates fix errors in the programs, prevent them from being attacked by viruses, and add enhancements to the programs’ functionality. In addition, these updates, additional programs that you install on your computer, and attaching devices (like scanners, cameras, printers, etc) can require an increase in the hardware capability.

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